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Are you or someone you love suffering in silence because of menstrual issues like painful cramps, heavy bleeding, itching, swelling, vaginal infections, irregular cycles or incontinence? Well, the silent suffering stops with the voice of the Justice For My Jewel Campaign!

Women are now excited to experience the strength and beauty of feeling secure, comfortable and dry during that time of the month.

Jewel Premium Sanitary Napkins, with Nobel Prize winning graphene, has a soft cotton design with 8-layers of absorbency and leak-guard sides for extra protection. They come individually wrapped in 5 assortments to meet your absorbency needs.

Protect the most precious Jewel in the world … YOU!

To place your order, visit the website at Also has testimonials/company info. You could also contact me at or call 614-946-8926 for more information.


Willa Jackson, CEO
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