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A not-for-profit, competitive, USA-sanctioned swim team in central Ohio empowering young people to be champions in and out of the water. Hydra Aquatics created a parent-owned, swimmer-named organization, because they believe in their cause, and, more importantly, they believe in each other. Together they’ve started to craft their story.

The origin of the Hydra 
As pools across the country re-emerge, from the depths of central Ohio a legend is brought to life. The ancient and powerful, nine-headed Hydra is known to protect its waters, harnessing the power of regeneration: cut off one head; two more emerge in its place. At the center is the immortal head which is impossible to defeat. Its presence instills one message in all of those affected by its power: We will always be STRONGER THAN BEFORE! 

Come be a part of awakening the Hydra. Hydra Aquatics offers competitive and non-competitive training groups for all ages and levels of swimmers. 

Swim Team registration is NOW OPEN for new members. Spring season starts April 12th.

Interested in Swim or Dive lessons? Session 2 runs April 19th - May 13th.

Get involved or support the cause at HydraAquaticsOhio.com.